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Axxon is your SINGLE SOURCE supplier of PRIVATE LABEL or CUSTOM designed and manufactured computer peripherals. Our vast technical background and industry wide contacts will assist you in bringing your concepts to market FASTER using a SOLID engineering foundation!
1993: Did you know that the Axxon Soft I/O Model 42 is the industry's FIRST Jumperless I/O Card ?
This time tested design is being used as an exclusive by many OEMs as the I/O card of choice.
1994: Did you know that the Axxon Soft I/O Softport is the industry's FIRST Plug & Play I/O Adapter ?
This design is being bundled by Logitech Inc. for use with the Logitech Serial Bus I/O Mouseman. This innovative design package allows the automatic configuration of the Logitech Mouseman at I/O and IRQ conflict free settings! Ideal if you have wish to use a serial mouse on a dedicated mouse port. The Logitech software will AUTOMATICALLY assign the I/O board address and Interrupt (IRQ).
1996: Did you know that the Axxon Soft I/O Quadport is the industry's FIRST Plug & Play + Jumperless Legacy 4 Port I/OAdapter to offer ANY Address & ANY IRQ configuration?


This design is being used by a number of OEMs including PictureTel, First Virtual Corporation, Lockheed, and Bell Canada. This flexible and innovative design allows the SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION of the I/O and IRQ settings of the onboard 16554 /16654 UARTs. In addition, the Interrupts may be SHARED in ANY combination amongst the Quadport. Summary, ANY I/O Address (64K I/O Mapping) and ANY IRQ may be used. The configuration parameters are STATIC using the provided control software - IDEAL FOR SYSTEM INTEGRATORS!

Our software is being used to configure Plug & Play modems from Supra / Diamond Multimedia, US Robotics and others. We can customize our Plug & Play software to meet your needs. Call us today for the answers!

The Softport+ 16950 (128 Byte buffer) with Flex-Clock (pat. pending) designs are being utilized NOW by customers worldwide with high speed serial communications, external analog and ISDN modems (460K).

Our approach to OEM designs is very comfortable to your bottom line. We can save you the headaches of dealing with overseas design and manufacturing houses at an equal if not less cost to you. Our products are designed and manufactured in Canada.Various Agency approvals (FCC, CE, CSA, UL) are available upon request. Axxon works only with AUTHORIZED component distributors and can work to your schedules. Under NAFTA, Axxon products are DUTY FREE to the United States - one of many reasons to work withthe LEADER in Plug & Play technology.

Axxon is currently designing some very unique products for use on the Universal Serial Bus. Let Axxon design your next USB product!


2002: Did you know that the Axxon Universal PCI / PCI-X Parallel Port (Model IC0534KB) is the FIRST 3.3 and 5 volt compatible parallel port ?

This design is being used by a long list of international customers with IBM, Compaq, Dell and Intel chassis servers. The IC0534KB design offers the highest level of ESD protection to keep your investment safe for external static surges. Use the Axxon parallel port to connect your printer or license dongle into a server environment today!


2004: Did you know that the Axxon Model IC0631KB is the FIRST 133 Mhz PCI-X Multiport adapter ?

This design offers 2 serial + 1 parallel with support for 3.3 volt / 5 volt PCI and PCI-X compatibility with speeds from 33 to 133 Mhz. This is the only design in the industry that does not slow down the front side PCI-X bus.

2005: Did you know that the Axxon Model IC0650KB is the FIRST PCIe / PCI Express Multiport adapter ?

This design offers 2 serial + 1 parallel ports with Plug & Play support for 1x, 4x, 8x lane PCI Express compatibility under Windows and Linux. Axxon has been shipping PCI Express add-on adapters since Jan / 05 !!

Some other industry first designs include:

Model # IC0659KB - PCI Express 1 port RS232 adapter

Model # IC0658KB- PCI Express 2 port RS232 adapter

Model # IC0653KB - PCI Express 4 port RS232 adapter

Model # IC0662KB - PCI Express 8 port RS232 adapter

Model # IC0652KB - PCI Express 1 port Parallel Port adapter

Many other variations are in development and soon to be us for details.

Approved and being used by clients including Dell, HP/Compaq, IBM, Intel, AMD, nVidia and many others worldwide. Contact us today to speak with the firm with the most experience with the PCI Express field. Unlike our competitors, we design and manufacture our own products in North America and not import from offshore firms under a private label. Our products can be customized for OEM use in record time. We are the factory !

Whether you require assistance with SOFTWARE, HARDWARE or CONSULTATION, call us today for the SOLUTIONS!

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