Quad High Speed RS232E Ports
ST16C554 UART (16 Byte Buffer)
Software Configuration
Full 16 Bit I/O Addressing (64K)
I/O Address Range 0x0100..0xFFF8
IRQ 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15
Quadplex DB9M or DB25M Cable
Designed and Assembled in Canada
The Axxon QUADPORT 16554 is a remarkable jumperless I/O card from the LEADER in SOFTWARE CONFIGURABLE products for the IBM PC. This 16 Bit ISA/EISA bus compatible plug-in card features QUAD HIGH SPEED serial ports which are completely software configurable. User friendly software configures the HIGH SPEED serial ports to conflict free I/O addresses and interrupts (IRQs) without the use of jumpers. Patent pending hardware design permits mapping to any 8 byte boundary in the entire 64K I/O MAP plus allow for either Unique or Shared modes of IRQ operation.

QUADPORT 16550 is completely register level compatible with the industry recognized 16550 device. This product provides an efficient solution to adding up to 4 additional high speed serial ports to virtually any computer system.

Quadport I/O cards are ideal for the faster data transfer required by high speed 9600+ baud external modems, pointing devices and system to system data exchange setups. Support for DOS, OS/2, SCO Unix, Windows 3.X, Windows '95 and Windows NT.

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