PCI-X Dual 16950 True 1 Megabaud RS232 Serial Card (Model #LF607KB)

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Dual High Speed 16C950 PCI-X Serial Ports
Superior to 16550 designs
Oxford 16C950 UART with 2 of DB9 Male connectors
128 Byte Transmit & Receive Buffers
Hardware Auto-Flow Control
TRUE 1 Megabaud RS232 Transceivers
Plug & Play Compatible

Software Selectable NON-VOLATILE Clock Divisors with LED Indicators

RS232F Electrical Interface
15 kv ESD + 15 Kv HBM Surge Protection
Compatible with all PCI-X expansion slots
Short-Circuit / Thermal and current protected transceivers
Transceivers contain onboard charge pump

Device Driver support for:

Win 95 / 98

Win ME

Win XP / XP Pro (32/64 Bit)

Win NT / NT Server

Win 2000 / 2000 Server

Windows 2003 (32/64 Bit)

Vista 32/64 Bit


Linux (PnP in 2.4 & 2.6 kernels)

Embedded XP

PCI Bus 2.2 Compatible
Power Management 1.0 Compliant
Compatible with AMD Althlon / Pentium CPU Motherboards
Low Noise 4 Layer PCB
IRQ Sharing Capable (Both ports use SINGLE INTERRUPT)
FCC Class B and CE Approved
Designed and Assembled in Canada
Add PCI-X Serial Ports to your SERVER in seconds !


Dual RS232 Serial Ports for PCI-X Slots

Compatible with all servers with PCI-X Slots

Ultra fast speed: True 1 Megabaud

Advanced 16C950 UART with Software Selectable clock source

15kv ESD and short circuit protected transceivers

Plug and Play in Windows and Linux

Toll-Free technical support hotline (US/Canada)

30 Day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee (Less shipping costs)

5 year product replacement warranty

OEM volume discounts available

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Order Part #LF607KB

Part # LF607KB is the RoHS & Pb-free compliant version of model IC0607KB.

NOTE: Please note this adapter is for use with PCI-X slots only (NOT PCI Express and NOT PCI). We also manufacture a similar adapter for use with PCI Express slots. Contact us for details.

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