MAP/950 PCI Quad 16950 + Printer Port (EPP)



Quad (4) High Speed 16950 Serial Ports + Single Printer Port (EPP)
16C950 UART
128 Byte Transmit / Receive Buffers
Hardware Auto-Flow Control
Max Baud Rate 460K
Plug & Play Compatible
RS232F Electrical Interface
15 kv ESD Surge Protection
Printer Port Internal Cable & Mounting Bracket included
Win 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 Support
PCI Bus 2.2 Compatible
Power Management 1.0 Compliant
Compatible with AMD Althlon CPU Motherboards
Low Noise 4 Layer PCB
IRQ Sharing Capable (All above ports function on a SINGLE IRQ!!)
FCC Class B and CE Approved
Designed and Assembled in Canada

$119.95 (US)

Product Installation Guide

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