3.3 volt PCI / PCIX MAP/950 PRO 4 Port 16950 RS232 I/O Card ( Low / Standard Height ) (Model #LF573KB)
Do you have a Low / Standard Height PC with 3.3 volt PCI or PCI-X expansion slots and need extra RS232 serial ports ?
Add 4 serial ports to your Server / 3.3v PC in seconds !

4 (Quad) Serial Port RS232 I/O Card

for 3.3 volt PCI / PCI-X expansion slots

Suitable for Low / Standard height mounting

Compatible with IBM, HP, Compaq, Dell Servers


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High Density 44 Male to 4 of DB9 Male 3' Cable Included

Ordering Information :  LF573KB

Spare Cable :  Quadplex HD44M to DB9M Cable

Need to add 2 Serial Ports to your Standard Height PCI Slot ?
Need to add 2 Serial Ports to your Low Profile Height PCI Slot ?
Need to add 4 Serial Ports to your Standard Height PCI Slot ?
Need to add 8 Serial Ports to your Standard Height PCI Slot ?


Ultra fast speed: True 1 Megabaud support

New Design

Toll-Free technical support hotline (US/Canada)

30 Day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee (Less shipping costs)

5 year product replacement warranty

Reseller / OEM / Volume discounts available


Quad (4) High Speed 16C950 PCI Serial Ports for 3.3 volt expansion slots

Low Profile MD1 Size (121.79 mm)

Bracket Height 79.2 mm (3.118")
Standard Height Bracket is included
Quadplex Cable Included (HD44M to 4 of DB9M)
16C950 UART ( 8x buffer than 16550)
128 Byte Transmit / Receive Buffers
Hardware Auto-Flow Control

TRUE 1 Megabaud RS232 Transceivers

Maximum Baud Rate

1 Megabaud

Plug & Play Compatible

Software Selectable NON-VOLATILE Clock Divisors

RS232F Electrical Interface
15 kv ESD + 15 Kv HBM Surge Protection
Short-Circuit / Thermal and current protected transceivers
+3.3 Volt Only PCI Design
Transceivers contain onboard charge pump

Device Driver support for:

Win 95 / 98

Win ME

Win XP / XP Pro

Win NT / NT Server

Win 2000 / 2000 / 2003 Server

Embedded XP

Plug & Play in Linux

(Tested in RH 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and more)

PCI Bus 2.3 Compatible

(For use in 3.3 volt PCI Slots)

Power Management 1.0 Compliant
Compatible with AMD Althlon / Pentium CPU Motherboards
Low Noise 4 Layer PCB
IRQ Sharing Capable (All 4 ports use SINGLE Interrupt)
FCC Class B and CE Approved
Designed and Assembled in Canada

Call us at 1-800-361-1913 to order yours now!

Product Installation Guide

Windows Device V4.09 Drivers for MAP/950 Family

Linux Installation Documentation

Linux Device Drivers for MAP/950 Family

Oxford Semiconductor OX16mPCI954 UART Datasheet


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