MAP/950 PCI 2 Port 16950 RS422 / RS485 I/O Card (Model #LF547KB)
  Add 2 more RS422/ RS485 Serial Ports to your PC in seconds !
Supports communication speeds up to 10 Mbps

Ordering Information :  LF547KB

Need 2 RS232 Serial Ports for your Standard Height PCI Slot ?
Need 2 RS232 Serial Ports for your Low Profile Height PCI Slot ?
Need 4 RS232 Serial Ports for your Standard Height PCI Slot ?
Need 8 RS232 Serial Ports for your Standard Height PCI Slot ?
Full Duplex Connector Pinout
Half Duplex Connector Pinout
DB9M_Pin 1 : Ground   DB9M_Pin 1 : Ground
DB9M_Pin 8 : TX-   DB9M_Pin 8 : TX- / RX-
DB9M_Pin 7 : TX+   DB9M_Pin 7 : TX+/ RX+
DB9M_Pin 9 : RX+    
DB9M_Pin 4 : RX-    

Interface Pins are 15kv ESD Protected (25kv optional)
Ideal solution for slow to FAST communication speeds!
• Ultra Fast speed: Support upto 10 Mbps using RS422/485 interface
New Design with Slew Rate controlled transceivers for SLOW to FAST communication modes
Toll-Free technical support hotline (US/Canada)
• 30 Day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee (Less shipping costs)
Reseller / OEM volume discounts available

$119.95 (US$) + S/H

Order Part #LF547KB

Part # LF547KB is the RoHS & Pb-free compliant version of model IC0547KB.

Dual (2) High Speed 16950 PCI Serial Ports
16C950 UART
128 Byte Transmit / Receive Buffers

TX+ and TX- lines

RX+ and RX- lines

RS422 / RS485 switch selectable operation modes

RS422 Mode


RS485 Full / Half Duplex support

15kv ESD HBM Surge Protection

(25kv IEC61000-4-5 optional)

Fail Safe Receiver Biasing

RS485 Auto-gating of the transmitter via hardware

Plug & Play Compatible
Support for TX and RX line reversals
Slew Rate controlled transceivers for Error-free communications
Short-Circuit and current protected transceivers
Onboard switch selectable 120 ohm terminators (user provided terminators are optional)
Default clock 1.8432 Mhz (460k max operation). Higher speeds will require optional clock modification
+5 Volt Only PCI Bus Design

Device Driver support for:

Win 95 / 98

Win ME

Win XP / XP Pro

Win NT / NT Server

Win 2000 / 2000 / 2003 / 2008 Server

Vista 32 / 64

Embedded XP

Linux (Call for info)

PCI Bus 2.2 Compatible

(For use in 5 volt PCI Slots)

Power Management 1.0 Compliant
Compatible with AMD Althlon / Pentium CPU Motherboards
Low Noise 4 Layer PCB
IRQ Sharing Capable (Both ports use SINGLE Interrupt)
FCC Class B and CE Approved
Designed and Assembled in Canada
Call us at 1-800-361-1913 to order yours now!


Product Installation Guide

Linux Installation Documentation

Linux Device Drivers for MAP/950 Pro 2 Port RS422/485

Oxford Semiconductor OX16PCI952 UART Datasheet

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